About us

Inspection & Repair Container Services (IRCS) is a Chilean company with 3 years of experience, operating in the Central Zone of the country, which provide inspection and repair services to container depots with the highest quality standards and at a fair price.

Our company complies with IICL standards (Institute of International Container Lessors), employing the best team, materials and machinery in every work we do. We are currently operating from Coquimbo region in the north to Bio Bio region in the south.
We work with imported materials such as Corten steel, brought directly from China, to deliver the best results and finishing touches in our work.

Organization Chart


  1. Email: servicio24.7@ircs.cl
  2. Phone/whatsapp: +56 9 9328 7891
  3. Facebook: IRCS Quality Repairs
  4. Twitter: @IRCS_V


Our company operates in the plants of our clients:
  1. CONTOPSA, Avenida Las Factorías 8150, Malvilla, San Antonio
  2. DyC San Antonio, Ruta G-94 F, Acceso a Puerto de San Antonio 3559, Barrio Industrial.
  3. DyC ZEAL, Camino La Pólvora km 12,7, Valparaíso
  4. DyC Pudahuel, Ruta 68 km 10, Parque Empresarial ENEA, Santiago
  5. DyC San Bernardo, La Divisa 300, San Bernardo, Santiago


IRCS is committed with the environment, the health and safety of its workers in their plants and depots in which they operate. We strive for reducing water and energy consumption, reusing containers, and eliminating dangerous and harmful substances.